Sunday, March 2, 2014

If you can't feed 100…then feed just ONE!

I had the extreme honor last week to volunteer at a food pantry.  As many have told me, when you serve others you receive more than the recipient.

The same rings true for me.  It's hard to imagine that such poverty, homelessness and hunger exist in our communities but it does.

Did you know one in six children in America suffers from hunger?

This food pantry is nestled in the center of an affluent community BUT the need is still there to feed those that just wish to have a healthy meal and groceries for their family.

The energy in Minnie's Food Pantry is electric.  You walk in on a red carpet, you are greeted by friendly faces and spend your time jamming to loud music. There are no sad faces, just a team of people ready to alleviate hunger in their local area.

The pantry was founded by Cheryl Jackson in 2008 that just had a "whisper from God" and little financial resources.  Cheryl understood hunger because she experienced it in her own life.  But she wanted her life to be remembered with purpose - destroying hunger!

Volunteers come in early to assist in the day to day activities of food sorting, inspecting/organizing donations, and working on special projects.  The food pantry is well organized and you even receive an official certificate to come back and volunteer again.  As you see the clients come in, they are warmly welcomed. There are many hugs going around as each client needing food is treated as a celebrity.
Roslyn assisting at Minnie's Food Pantry!

What a mission & ministry!  

A divine purpose was birthed out of a tragic situation.  As Cheryl reminded us, "many are only one paycheck away of needing assistance from a pantry like Minnie's".

Here are my thoughts:

Every pain in some way pushes us into the direction of good.  Every pain has a purpose.  So don't sweat the process because one day your creative energy will launch you into the biggest ROLE of your life. (Posted by Roslyn)

For more information please visit Minnie's Pantry for yourself.

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