Sunday, March 9, 2014

My New Season

Renee's old truck
There’s a shifting in my life and I don’t know that I’m embracing the new season in the best way.  Recently we had to replace my 13 year old truck.  To say I loved my truck is an understatement.  It was my first “mommy” vehicle.  It dependably bought home two babies from the hospital and helped us move into three different homes over the years.  Unfortunately it quit working at the same time my husband’s car stopped working. 


Two vehicles beyond repair = One unhappy girl.

It was obvious that God was moving us into another season of vehicle ownership but a part of me wanted to hold onto the old and comfortable.  Maybe we could fix it (again)?  Maybe it could last another year even though it already had 221,000 miles? 

In addition to the autos changing in my life, I’m soon to be the mother of a kindergartner.  I should be happy, right?  Not.  Here’s my confession, I don’t want my baby boy to grow up.  There I said it.  (Admitting the problem is the first step to recovery.)

It was different with my daughter.  When she was getting older, in my mind, she was moving out of the way for another baby.  The sooner she matured, before you knew it, it would be time for another child.  That’s not the case with our son and it’s making this new season, hard to embrace.  You would think I would gladly say good bye to daycare costs, car seats, strollers and sippy cups.  I should gladly welcome this new season but a part of me wants my big boy to remain my little baby.

The other day my sister quickly reminded me that he’s no longer a baby and I needed to move on. I’ve thought about her words over the past couple of days and wondered…..

Why do we sometimes insist on dragging the “comfort” of the old season into the new season?

Renee's new blessing
God is ready to do a NEW work in our life.  This newness is independent of what happened yesterday.  On Saturday the clocks “jumped” ahead and in the blink of an eye a new time was upon us along with the dawn of a new season.  It was an instant change.  Some would say it was sudden.  Whether you wanted to move ahead or not, time passed on and you must now adjust.

God IS doing something new in your life.  He wants you to stop circling around that same mountain of poor relationships, failed attempts, bad food choices and incorrect financial decisions.  Embrace this new season with a different mindset.  Resolve to allow God to do His will in your life however he wants! (Posted by Renee)

Ecclesiastes 3:1
For everything there is an appointed time, a time for every matter under heaven


  1. This! This ministered to me this morning. Thank you for sharing. I'm also entering a new season and struggling to completely let go of the old. This blessed me.
    Btw, I feel the same about my baby boy too. Although I (he) still have a year before he starts kindergarten. Love your new "whip" (;) )

    1. Thanks Hope! New seasons are exciting and wonderful but they can also be scary. We just have to trust God who knows best. Blessings on your new journey!


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