Sunday, January 10, 2016

Honor and Respect YOUR Journey

With the power of social media, we can be captivated by the lifestyle of others (celebrities, friends, acquaintances, etc.).  When we do this, we lose sight of the journey that has been carved out just for us.  We can mature into a space where we accept where we are (reality) and then decide to make small steps as a catalyst for greater change.

In my last post, we talked about the excuses we use to derail achieving our New Year's Resolutions.  It's been less than 14 days, have you remained true to the goals you set for yourself?  Ok, back to my original point.

When we view our life through the lense of someone else, we lose focus of our own journey. We want to RUSH our results and sidestep our road to success.

We must HONOR AND RESPECT our own journey!

When we finally get to the gym, we can look at the sizes and shapes of those around us.  If we focus on the one that "weighs" less than us or runs faster than us, then we think our body shape or personal time on the treadmill can't ever change.  We must put one foot in front of the other and create our own NEW body.  Run your OWN race.  Don't try and keep up with the pace of someone else.

As you move forward into 2016, don't let the sights and sounds of others derail your own personal growth.  Slow down, listen to the voice inside of you and take small steps towards achieving the goals you set for yourself. (Posted by Roslyn)

Here are a few ways that Renee and I EAT healthier:

  1. COOK for yourself - Let go of fast food (cooking allows you to control the ingredients inside your meal)
  2. PACK a snack - (eating small meals constantly aids in losing weight)
  3. RAW foods ROCK (minimize the amount of foods consumed from packages)
  4. EAT breakfast (give your metabolism a boost even if it is just peanut butter on an apple)
  5. STOP eating 3 hours before bed (laying down on an full stomach - NO good)

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