Monday, January 4, 2016

Strong Intentions But Failed Attempts

A new year is here - 2016 is in full swing.  It is incredible to be blessed to see another year.  Renee and I took a hiatus from blogging to unplug, refresh and recharge for the new year.  The feeling in the air is a fresh start, a new outlook, strong optimism on the outcome for the many days ahead.  I wish I could bottle all the positive energy in the atmosphere.

Did you make a resolution, set an intention or talk to your loved one about your 2016 goals?

Most people have strong intentions but many failed attempts.  You want to lose weight but just don't feel motivated to start or sustain an exercise regimen.  You want to slash your financial debt, but one of the department stores just had their largest sale of the year and you blew that goal within hours of setting it.  What about wanting to be more organized?  Well, the load of clothes you washed on Saturday still sits in the dryer a week later.

What causes our failed attempts at achieving our goals?

Taking yourself too seriously!  Find a way to make small steps toward your intention.  Yes YOU, STOP making excuses! 

Renee and I are people who enjoy exercise.  We understand that some do not feel the same way.  Here are some of the ways we "secretly" add exercise into our day.

  1. PARK in the furthest parking spot (you'd be amazed how many steps you will add to your NEW tech watch)
  2. WALK during your lunch break (don't overthink it - just go outside and start walking)
  3. DANCE around the house (dance as if no one is watching - more steps)
  4. STAND up and SIT down during every TV commercial (you can do 100 squats during your favorite 30 minute sitcom)
  5. TAKE the stairs instead of the elevator (you got it - more steps)
Let go of all your excuses.  You just need to put one foot in front of the other if your goal was to lose weight.  Do make it so complicated.  You can find a way to add more steps and exercise into your daily routine WITHOUT going to the gym. (Posted by Roslyn)

Happy New Year!

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