Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fun Friday - Get Out There and LIVE

Attended a pro tennis match for the first time!
My kids think me and my hubby are the most "boring" people they know.  We listen to all the wrong music, wear all the wrong clothes and in their opinion don't know anything about having fun. 

You guessed right - we are raising a teenager.  Because of this our family has become intentional on trying new experiences.  So I ask you:

When was the LAST time you did something for the FIRST time?

Seems like an easy question but when I ask most people, they mention something they did months or even years ago.  Find a way to try a new food, visit a new state, book a cruise, listen to a new radio station, try a new coffee shop on Sunday, see a new movie at midnight, try a new restaurant, have a pillow fight, play in the rain, eat ice cream for dinner, laugh until you start crying, sing out loud, live out loud!

This weekend go out there and LIVE!  Create a new experience for yourself.  
Rocked mint green polish!

Because you don't want someone you know to think you are boring! (Posted by Roslyn)

Had a silly moment in the mall for the first time!

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