Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sacred Mornings

"Roslyn, how do you get it all done?"

That was a question that someone recently asked me.  I think this person was intrigued because of the numerous amount of responsibilities that seem to fill my day.  At times, I reflect on the freedom of being a young child with no real chores except fun and play.  But then I quickly snap out of daydreaming because another task needs to be completed.

Here's my secret:  I am sure I am like many of you.  A solid support system is vital when you are raising children.  But also taking moments for yourself is a necessity.  I call them "me moments".  Some people may struggle to find that work/life/kid balance.  That is the person who probably spends time sick, frazzled and often appears exasperated at the end of every day.  Isn't it funny how things that we should HAVE somehow start HAVING us.

Get rid of the guilt and find at least 30 minutes in every day to do something for yourself.  If we pour all of our energy and resources into other people, what is left for us?

What are you cultivating or nurturing within yourself?

Mornings for me are sacred.  I am a positive morning person.  I admit that you won't find me working on a computer at midnight.  Renee is the exact opposite.  Even though we are identical twins, she is a night owl.  I enjoy solid nights of rest so I can at start my day refreshed.

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a sunset, if I'm sitting on a beach with a nice drink in my hand watching the sun set into the horizon.  Other than that saying good-bye is not as sacred to me as saying hello to a new day.

I wake up early so that I can have time with just me.  Uninterrupted - no plans, no kids, no work or hubby just me.  It is a sacrifice to carve out this time, BUT now it has become a habitual ritual in my life.  I cringe when I hear the alarm go off, but the end result is worth it.  Mornings might not be the best time for you.  Whatever time of day it is, I challenge you to find 30 minutes in your day for a "me moment".
These items are essential to me daily, what about you?

My day normally starts like this - curl out of bed, hygiene, lace up and exercise, meditate and drink my water. Seems pretty simple but if I cut any of that out of my morning routine my day seems a little more unsettled.

What about you?  What are some of your habitual rituals that your body craves everyday?

I can't wait to hear your comments.

Given an extra 30 minutes you would…  

Here's to SACRED MORNINGS! (Posted by Roslyn)

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